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You don’t have to accomplish the courses. You can just collect together interesting and motivating activity ideas.

NOW! Our first collection is published! Maths collection 1! The first five maths courses! There is also a free sample lesson.  There are four activities which demonstrate some of our main principles:

  • The sample lesson is just one example of the many ideas which introduce the ideas on how to utilize different learning environments.
  • You can print a lot of materials or use the versatile materials and equipment from school.
  • The activity ideas are configurable.
  • Pupils can learn together by playing and moving.

Maths collcetion 1


The courses include Material Pocket from where you can print a lot of material. By laminating them they will be more durable and you can use them outside, too. The pictures of our illustrator Anne Keinänen are very popular among the pupils and also teachers. Every course provides some printable worksheets for your pupils.Here you can see some examples of our printable materials.


NEW! Welcome to the World of Active Learning

Are you interested in versatile teaching methods? Would you like to increase the joy of learning in your classroom? Welcome to the world of Finnish active learning! The course bundle consists of four courses/lectures. You can purchase the courses individually, too. We introduce Finnish active learning from different perspectives. There are also plenty of fun activity ideas and practices for you and for your pupils. The courses are suitable for teachers teaching 3 to 12-year olds.

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