Pocket of tips

Here you can find here tips for active learning and teaching.

  • Pupils can learn colors and numbers with colorful blocks. They pupils give directions to each other: Three blue. One red. Two green.



  • Wheel of Fortune is always exciting. You can modify it if necessary. Here are some verbs in English. Pupils spin the Wheel of Fortune and they move from one place to another as the Wheel of Fortune shows.





  • Pupils enjoy preparing materials for active learning. They like the responsibility and participation. It also makes the preparations easier for you. Here the pupils have rehearsed the days of the week. They have written the days themselves and they are playing the Slap.





  • You can find many interesting and fun places from the school building. They can inspire you and your pupils. This activity idea utilizes the height of the building. In spite of the height, this activity idea is safe and it can be found later from the Maths Schoolbag.



  • Active learning contains fun learning games and plays. Pupils are even more excited if you collect small items (for example toys from Easter eggs) and fill the drawer with them. It is so difficult to choose 🙂 .





  • When you hide exercises from the pupils, you can make up with so many different ways how to put them or where to put them. Here are some qr-codes which were found a hiding place. By hiding the exercises, a fun activity is going to be even more fun.